An 18 hole pitch and putt course

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A pitch and putt course in a unique setting

With evocative views of the Mediterranean from a privileged natural vantage point is how the Golf Costa Daurada’s 18 hole pitch and putt course can be described. It offers a course of almost 1,400 metres with a variety of distances over slightly undulating greens that receive the same care as the rest of our golf course.

On their way to Tee 1, players will find an extensive, comprehensive practice area with three putting greens, an approach green and a driving-off area, with target greens at 50, 75 and 100 metres.

Hole 1
Hole by hole

We want you to play in optimal conditions

We take meticulous care of our pitch and putt course with periodic maintenance. However, to reach the optimal state of play we need your cooperation and the utmost respect for the rest of the players.

For that reason, at Golf Costa Daurada we are inflexible and very strict with players who fail to repair divots, do not rake the bunker or discard cigarette ends on the course.

Any player who does not agree to these commitments or fails to show respect for the game, the course or other players will no longer be welcome.

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We have three academies with a wide variety of options so that you can find the solution that best suits your needs.

We offer both private lessons and training in the schools. Choose your option and schedule and enjoy our three short-game greens and a covered and open-air driving range with natural grass and lighting for the winter months.

Pitch and putt fees

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Rules for playing Pitch&Putt at Golf Costa Daurada

Before going on to the course, all players (paid-up members and all others) must go through reception in order to obtain their game ticket.

  • The ticket entitles holders to play 18 holes in the established order, the second round or additional holes are not included.
  • The use of cars or golf bikes is not permitted, and proper clothing and footwear is required for both golf and Pitch&Putt.
  • Course maintenance is the responsibility of all players and special attention must be made with respect to:
    • Repair all ball divots on greens and avant-greens.
    • Raking the bunkers.
    • Not dropping cigarette butts or rubbish on the course.
  • Pitch & Putt is best played in silence. You should avoid shouting, or using a tone of voice or expressions that disturb the games of other players.

Players who do not observe all these rules will be required to leave the course without the right to reimbursement of green fees or any other fees paid. Golf Costa Daurada Tarragona Sports Centre reserves the right to refuse admission whether on the basis of playing level or inappropriate dress.

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